SDCC 2010: Announcements Worth Noting

What makes it bearable for fans like myself who miss the International Comic Con year after year? Why the squeal-inducing announcements made by publishers of course! Press releases throughout the year by Marvel, DC, and increasingly, movie studios, are just business as usual; San Diego is where things get serious. Or seriously awesome. Often both! These are some of the noteworthy announcements thus far, with more to come:

Batwoman is finally coming! I didn't want to get my hopes up until I saw some artwork, and now I can officially start getting excited. Technically this isn't a San Diego announcement as it was posted on DC's blog The Source a few days ago, but as they note, the timing is close enough. 

The Walking Dead television series for AMC has a trailer! Though the footage has yet to hit the internet, (see below) the mere thought of seeing this in the near future is enough to send my heart aflutter. Even more exciting, Bear McCreary is doing the soundtrack! For those of you who don't follow composers, McCreary is responsible for one of the best series soundtracks ever for Battlestar Gallactica.
UPDATE 7/24/10: Until a better version hits the internets, here's what we got...and trust me, the sheer awesomeness of the trailer transcends the shaky cam video. (You can view the trailer after the jump!)

World War Z is being made into a film! Written by Max Brooks, WWZ is a detailed account of the fictional zombie apocalypse as told by its survivors. This announcement is kind of bittersweet for two reasons. Firstly, Brad Pitt is set to "star" in the adaptation. Not sure how a book told from several dozen perspectives will have a star, and Brad Pitt's attempts to turn into a character actor the past few years have proved less than impressive. Secondly, Quantum of Solace director Marc Foster is set to helm the film. Considering what a snooze-fest that 007 film turned out to be, I'm hoping this turns out better than it sounds.

Marvel's Strange Tales anthology is getting a second volume! On top of the fantastic news that we get to read more of these hysterical takes on Marvel characters from top indie creators, the three issue mini will be ad-free!

In an ongoing effort to showcase nerdom positively, here are some photos by con-goers, of con-goers at SDCC. See lots more after the jump!

If Josh Brolin took over the role of Tony Stark....

Short description for this Mortal Kombat costume: BAD.ASS.

Kudos to these gals and their gender-bending costumes! Creative AND well-made.
Notice how none of those cos-players are wearing leather jackets. Because this costume? Timeless.
More classic character cos-players. And you can see a peak of those infamous over-sized WB bags.
It's not officially a convention unless there's a gold bikini Leia
Oh yeah, there are a lot of celebrities at SDCC. Here's Joss Whedon shootin' the crap with JJ Abrams. At least that's what I imagine is happening here.
I really hope this young gal's parents are the only ones to have read Kick-Ass.
Hell yes! It's one thing to make an awesome costume, but cos-players with presence are rare.
I couldn't help throwing in this adorable Pikachu cos-player. Simple yet effective!
Cons are great opportunities for viewing sneak peaks of as-yet-to-be-released toys and statues.
To see more awesome photos from San Diego as it happens, you can view more from the photographers featured above: San Diego Shooter, Bitspitter, Amyr_81, and Uncle_Shoggoth