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What Mark Millar Doesn't Get

Could fill a lot more than one blog post as proven by Millar's recent tone-deaf comments concerning depictions of rape versus violence within his work. But two very different views of one comic in particular may shed a little light on what Millar and many more still don't get.
A few years ago when I still worked full time at Graham Crackers Comics, a lot of our time was spent talking about comics. A shocking pastime for comic shop employees, I know. We talked about what we liked more often than what we didn't, though we would oblige any customer that asked for our honest opinion (haunted vaginas and pentagram boob tassels - apparently there is a place in the world of comics for books like Tarot). Healthy debates about the merits of comics and creators thrived. Was the work of Alan Moore still the benchmark to which we compared the best of the best superhero titles? Was the ending of Final Crisis satisfying for anyone? Are there really readers out there that have read and d…

The Death of Blogging: Long Live The Hivemind

As of late, readers may have noticed our absence from the world of comic book blogging. But visits to our tumblr, facebook, or twitter pages will reveal a different narrative. I recently provided photography coverage at San Diego Comic Con for the Comics Beat, a leading comic book news website. Soon we will begin a regular monthly column focused on the world of comic book retail, Sell It Like It Is, for Woman Write About Comics. In other words, despite appearances here on the homefront, we're busier than ever blogging about comics.
It is a little sad, but the one woman operation blogs have been on the decline for quite some time. I think I joined the comic blogging community right at the beginning of the end, when the growth of  one's audience still depended more on the content than the place it was posted. With the rise of more interactive and timely platforms like tumblr and twitter, comic book blogging is still content driven, but depending on the outlet, some signals get …

Free Comic Book Day 2013: An Overview

Oh boy. Who else is still recovering from the non-stop fun and insanity of Free Comic Book Day? No doubt comic book retailers are relaxing after what has quickly become one of the biggest sale days of their year. Other fans like myself that attempted to visit as many local comic shops as possible are likely feeling exhausted as well. We made it to seven stores all together and still did not get to visit every shop on our list (you can see a map of our progress here.) The newly opened Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie would have been a fun stop, as well as the downtown location of Graham Crackers Comics, and First Aid Comics in Hyde Park. Perhaps next year we will go in on a rental with friends and commit to covering more ground. Traveling an area of about 16 miles in a day doesn't sound like a lot, but to a city dweller relying on public transit carrying a large camera and an ever growing stack of free books, this was an epic odyssey of retail exploration. My shopping partner for the day …

Free Comic Book Day 2013: Tips & Recommended Reading

It only comes but once a year, so be sure to set aside an hour or two today to enjoy Free Comic Book Day. It may be difficult to pry yourself away from the premiere of Iron Man 3 or Star Wars: May the 4th Be With You events; I can assure you, it is well worth doing. You would think free comics would be an easy sell but each year I meet fans that either don't know about the annual event or have never made the time to check it out. Here's a quick guide to how to get the most out of your FCBD experience.
Where do I go to obtain these "free comics"?  A good place to start! Most, but not all comic shops participate. The quickest way to find out if your store will have free comics is the FCBD store locator.  Just enter your zip code and they will find the shops for you! Keep in mind that these comics are free for you, but not for the participating retailers. If you go to one store or many, try to throw some business their way while you're stopping by.
Who should I go wi…

Ladies' Night Anthology Volume 1: Chicago

Over the past several months, my roles as comic book fan and blogger have taken a back seat to a new position: come book collaborator. I have previously written about my role as moderator of Graham Crackers Ladies' Night, a monthly meeting of female comic book fans, but I have not devoted any time on my site to talk about the resulting comic book anthology. Ever since Hannah Chapman created the Ladies' Night event shortly over a year ago, participants kept bringing up the idea of creating our own comic. The initial concept was for it to be something the creators amongst us could work on and share with everyone and receive feedback. It didn't take long to realize what a large pool of talent we had in our group and we decided to make our project a little more ambitious. We assigned editors for each story, created deadlines for each stage of creation rather than setting a final date for completed stories, and organized  workshops for writing, penciling, and lettering. My exp…

C2E2 2013: A Pre-Show Guide

Smell that? It's con season, baby. Consider your money already spent, and don't plan on getting any sun while you peruse the aisles of the large, open floors of exhibition halls. Hunt down those deals, get those autographs, and wear your most comfortable shoes. And most importantly: get your game plan together early. 
C2E2 is still three weeks away, which gives you plenty of time to decide who you want to see and what you want to buy. In addition to our usual tips and tricks for conventions (see last year's guide), having attended three out of the last four years of C2E2 we have a few closely guarded secrets to share as well.
Make A List This is always a good place to start. Write down everything and everyone you'd like to see, then prioritize because you most likely won't get to see everything. Attending the Patton Oswalt Q&A on Saturday will no doubt require a chunk of time spent standing in line. Attending the costume contest will also require careful planni…

Sure Signs That I'm Behind Reading Comics

Let's get the obvious out of the way. I have neglected to write about comics lately. One only need look at my "recent posts" to notice that they are in fact, not that recent. There was no year end wrap up,  no best of 2012 list, and there is a serious lack of praise for books like Hawkeye and Mind MGMT (these titles deserve multiple posts of devotion). What has been taking up my leisure time? Why the ravenous consumption of other media! Specifically Game of Thrones. Game. Of. Thrones. Now, the holidays are not an unusual time for a fan to fall behind on reading. Family engagements, holiday parities, gift shopping, and generally managing one's sanity before the passing of New Years can overtake favorite pasttimes like reading and blogging about comics. But what turned this seasonal absence into prolonged sabbatical was the receipt of one gift: the four book boxset of George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire (seen above). It's a good thing I became …

Equal Opportunity Objectification: Step In the Right Direction?

Well....Probably not. But one gaming journalist's view on a female targeted Nintendo event gives insight into what this rare role reversal looks like from the male perspective. The result? A refreshingly humorous response to what would have made many others uncomfortable.

In spite of himself, Grant Howitt seems to have enjoyed the far-from-subtle event. Nails, wine, Wii-enabled karaoke, celebrity impersonators, and a male model posing for a 3DS sketch contest. It's like the love-child of Carrie Bradshaw and Princess Peach, conceived in a Katy Perry fever dream. There aren't enough eye-rolling gifs on tumblr to express how an event like this would make me feel had I been an attendee. Yes, I enjoy having my nails done. Does that go well with a gaming event? Not if I actually want to deftly handle a controller. Singstar sure is fun, but I don't own it. WiiFit is probably the last game that I would break out amongst a group of friends. And I don't think I've ever…