Friday, August 13, 2010

Remember When X-Men Didn't Suck?

Yeah, me too.

Preview of the upcoming X-Men / Vampire storyline

Comparison of Ultimate Avengers 3 and current X-Men vampire themed stories

A swell summary from Savage Critics of how the current x-book offerings are so very very awful

In other less depressing news, here are some more details about the upcoming Batwoman series! Batwoman #0 will be hitting shelves in November as a bridge between the character's stint in Detective Comics and the upcoming solo series, scheduled for a February release. That's a book worth marking your calendar for, folks!


  1. I think "bad" is the default state of x-men books. I mean, the stan and jack stuff is the worst of that entire silver-age awesomeness. The reboot was good for a good while (like 50 issues) but eventually changed from old-time awesome claremont to current-lame claremont. X-men wallowed in claremont deaththrows for like 5 years until age of apocolypse and generation x. those books had awesome talent but were hit (gen x) or miss (amazing x-men). The rest of the 90's were garbage as Joe Mad's soul and talent was slowly eaten by the x-books. Morrison came in and saved the day for a little while but, absent those first six issues of astonishing, X-men has been the default bad (yes, even fraction's stuff).


  2. So very true, but you could say the same thing for a lot of titles 40+ years in the making. The x-men titles often fall somewhere between wacky and downright awful, but past writers have proven the books are capable of greatness. When I first started reading comics 10 years ago, the x-books had plenty to offer, and in several titles to boot. I can't even imagine current Marvel editors letting an ongoing like X-Statix hit the shelves. Morrison's run on New X-Men was the best the books had been in years. Good writing may be a fluke when it comes to the x-books, but we are overdue for something worth reading. Who knows though, it could totally be editorial. I love Brubaker as a writer too, and that 500 issue he did with Fraction? One of the most incomprehensible books I've had the displeasure of reading and quitting half way through.