Odyssey X, Week 4: X-23 #13 , X-Factor #223

(These reviews are part of an ongoing series. Please see the introductory post on Odyssey X where I explain my attempt to read every X-Men title during X-Men: Schism)

X-23 #13
Writer: Marjorie Lui
Artist: Phil Noto
Cover Price: $2.99

After having read every other x-book out there, X-23 stands out amongst the bunch as one of the few worth reading. While many X-Men titles struggle to find a distinct voice, X-23 knows what it is, and that's the story off a girl trying to become her own person after circumstance and evil men have tried again and again to create and control her fate. What's best is that there aren't any overused characters looking over her shoulder along the way. Not one cameo from Wolverine, Emma, or  Cyclops. Gambit is the closest this book has to an older mentor but he seems to be led as much by X-23 as she is by him. There are moments when X-23 reminds me of the Terminator of T-2; understanding normal human emotional behavior is her greatest challenge, not the struggle to go against her training as a killer. Phil Noto's painterly manga style is pleasing and easy to follow (my eyes are still recovering from some of last week's art), and I especially enjoyed his take on Spider-Man. Next issue promises cameos from the rest of the FF as well.

Verdict: A Worthwhile read, and I'll be keeping my eye on this book!

X-Factor #223
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino
Cover Price: $2.99

The last few issues of X-Factor have been chase-heavy, and #223 brings us closer to the end of the manimal-hunt for Rahne's demon werewolf baby. A mysterious wolf-man (Jack Russell) has come to Rahne's rescue, apparently because his ancestoral instinct have told him to protect his distant as-yet-to-be-born kin. X-Factor's trademark comedic moments are not in short order here, from the enterrogation of the less than trustworthy troll Pip to the quick banter between Madrox and Monet. Events hint at a less-than fortunate future for X-Factor as the arrival of Rahne's baby may not be a joyous occasion (Peter David's track record for births implies heartache is on the way). As long as Lupacchino sticks on this title, I'm happy. Speaking of artwork, it must be said that I always appreciate the cover art for X-Factor. Not only are they often enticing to  readers, but they *gasp* actually relate to the events within the issue.

Verdict: Enjoyable as always. There's not a bad time to start reading this book, but the best time would be ASAP!

Week 4 Summary
Total Potential Cost: $5.98
1 Book Purchased, 1 Book Shelved

Easily this has been the most enjoyable week of reading for Odyssey X. Besides both taking place in New York, these books each offered something different to readers perusing the shelves, with neither issue disappointing. In regards to the project in general, I'm one month in and I now know which books will be a chore for me to read, though I hope to be surprised. I have decided not to add any new X-Men titles to my list till the end of the project in order to discern if I truly want these books on a regular basis or if they just seem like good ideas compared to the rest of the x-books. New Mutants, X-23, and Uncanny X-Force currently have long term potential. The last few weeks I have fallen behind on posting, though I am read up through this week. Expect things to be back to normal by next week!