Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Tasmanian Library, A Stack of Books, and I

Just to show how busy I’ve been keeping myself lately, here’s a pictorial demonstration of my recent reading material.

Chugging right along in my quest to read everything relevant from ten years ago, I’m thoroughly enjoying Sandman, and I got a healthy dose of “coming of age” while reading Stuck Rubber Baby and Blankets at the same time. Some of you more observant readers out there might notice something missing from my stack…I’ll give you a hint. It starts with M and rhymes with arvel (I don’t think any real words rhyme with Marvel). I guess I’m just hard pressed to think of any Marvel stories I feel compelled to catch up on. Plus my local library is a little Marvel light. I’d love to read the Garth Ennis / Steve Dillon Punisher run, but that’s not in the cards. Here is a link to the Tasmania State Library. If anyone can find me a Marvel book in the library’s catalogue worth reading, I will enthusiastically take up your suggestion!


  1. Elephant men and Animal man Deus Ex Machina.

  2. These are good suggestions, ones I will consider, but I'm looking for a good Marvel title to read! Just to balance things out...

  3. Sorry for the triple post, but I though I should compile all my suggestions into one. Earth X series (seriously this should last you a year). The onslaught saga both after decimation or the graphic novel that depicts the last battle where all of earth non-mutant heroes sacrifice themselves to stop him, which is also another moment where I cried. Decimation and Civil War are pretty good too. Infinity Gauntlet (I really like storylines with Thanos). Was the age of Apocalypse released as a graphic novel? Also I couldn't find any of these titles using the Library search engine so that pretty much make my suggestions worthless or I might be computer illiterate.

  4. Seriously, the Tasmanian library system has plenty of DC and independent titles to choose from, not so much in the Marvel department. I'll check again though, see if I can find any of these titles (at least the ones I haven't read!)

  5. Oh what about The End series from Marvel? I was only able to read The Hulk, but I enjoyed it. Although the additional What If? story that put forth the question, "What if the Hulk landed on a peaceful planet rather than the violent one," was really sad.

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