Another Side Of Riverdale

Jill Thompson's take on Jughead and Betty.
What makes the cast of Archie such appealing subjects for comic book artists? Fond memories from childhood? The simplicity of the well established archetypes? Maybe Archie and the gang are just really fun to draw. More interesting than the widespread desire of comics professionals to draw Jughead is seeing the surprising results. What happens when artists with uniquely recognizable styles draw the Riverdale gang? Awesome happens. Here's a small collection of some alternative takes on Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead.

An adorable Hero Initiative sketch cover by Agnes Garbowska.

A very young Lucy Knisley's own Archie comic (at 8 or 9 and already a "cynical cartoonist").

Not only does this crossover make perfect sense, but it's great to see Art Baltazar draw Robin dancing to Josie and the Pussycats. 
Aviv Itzcovitz's version of a classic Jughead cover, as seen on the blog Covered

A commissioned sketch by Chris Samnee

Of course Cliff Chiang's Archie gang is stylish and rocking out.

Dan Clowes' Archie is definitely a little more sinister (as seen on Comics Beat)

Many a customers purchased this crossover just for Francesco Francavilla's covers.

Betty definitely looks more...lively in Joseph Linser's version.

A classic Kate Beaton strip.

If only Archie #600 were like Leonard Kirk's cover.

This is kind of perfect. I want Tony Fleecs to draw Jughead everyday.