SDCC 2012: Announcements Worth Noting

This year's Comic Con International, or "Nerd Mecca", ended yesterday after four days of exciting comic book, film, and television announcements. It would be impossible to cover every single revelation, but here are the ones that got the most people talking, the most retweets, and reblogs, and maybe a few announcements that we're just a little more excited about than others.

DC's got the prequel fever, but unlike Before Watchman, Sandman's original creator Neil Gaiman is willingly spearheading the project. The five issue mini will focus on revealing the background of Morpheus leading up to his unexpected imprisonment.

Everyone is still heartbroken over the cancelation of Firefly, but that's okay

As if missing Comic Con International wasn't hard enough year after year, 2012 was particularly difficult to miss due to a cast reunion of Serenity, a show having now been off air for ten years. The emotional panel included creator Joss Whedon and was followed by a private round table discussion among the cast that will be televised this fall on the Science Channel. Check out the link above to view the panel.

MAC cosmetics to release Archie line in Spring 2013

Fans of MAC's previous comic book inspired Wonder Woman line will be anxious to get their hands on the cosmetic company's upcoming Archie themed make-up. Not much has been revealed, though the it appears the "Archie's Gals" collection will focus on whether you're a Betty or Veronica.

Avengers Babies Vs. X-Babies written by Skottie Young with art by Gurihiru Studios coming October

The perfect follow up to Marvel's much touted AvX event, this upcoming one shot was inspired by Skottie Young's Midtown Comics exclusive variant cover (as seen above). It will be more adorable than any other Marvel title this year.

IDW to release My Little Pony comic this November

Written by Katie Cook with art by Andy Price, the series will focus on the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Bronies everywhere rejoice.

Captain America 2 will be Brubaker's Winter Soldier

The sequel will focus on the return of Bucky Barnes, an exciting announcement for fans of Ed Brubaker's (soon to end) run on Captain America. The Cap sequel wasn't the only film news from Marvel; rumors of a Guardians of the Galaxy film were confirmed, and test footage was shown from Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man. Robert Downey, Jr. himself even showed up to reveal details about Iron Man 3, which is being filmed now.

Django Unchained movie comic to be released by DC

Jim Lee brought a very distinguished and unexpected guest into DC's Before Watchman panel: filmmaker Quentin Tarantino himself was present for the announcement of DC's upcoming Django Unchained mini series. Tarantino will be penning the book, but no word yet on an artist. Vertigo will release the series at an unknown future date.

Image Comics and all of your favorite creators are releasing new books

Fraction. Rucka. Graham. DeConnick. Any of these names sound familiar? They're only some of the hottest writers working in comics today. And each of them has an exciting new book coming out from Image Comics. I'm particularly interested to read Pretty Deadly, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Emma Rios, a spaghetti western revenge tale featuring a scarred assasin.

These are not all of the announcements to come out of San Diego Comic Con this year, not by a long shot; but these are just the big ones. Here's hoping next year we may be able to attend in person to offer more extensive coverage.