Reason #37 To Read Detective Comics

I know I endlessly plug this book, but the hardcover of Greg Rucka and JH Williams III's first six issues of Detective Comics was released today can now be pre-ordered for June 30 and I couldn't resist the chance to once again urge you to buy this book, especially since Jock (no I didn't forget his last name, it's just Jock) has taken over the art on this series. I'll give his artwork a chance, but sadly I feel that there is little hope it will live up to his predecessor's amazing work. If my constant gushing and this little flip through of the first Rucka / Williams issue doesn't convince you to finally read this series (I've met a few reluctant readers, I used to be one) then I'll stop the endless plugging. That is until the new Batwoman series starts up in June!

Detective Comics #854 from Comic Book Candy on Vimeo.

Batwoman: Elegy Hardcover
Publisher: DC
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: JH Williams III
If you like... Batman (obvious, but necessary to point out), Sandman, comics with lead female characters that are not and never have been raped, unconventional artwork that elevates the story, and if you want to finally listen to the Gotham's Sexy Jam playlist this will come in handy!

This post also serves as an honorary Awesome Two Page Spread feature, as there are at least three notable spreads in this single issue.