Monday, April 30, 2012

Funny Book Love Letters: Saga Reader Survey

Image comics newest title Saga can't possibly receive enough hype. The tale of star crossed lovers on the run from warring empires, robot royalty, and increasingly terrifying bounty hunters will not disappoint fans of science fiction / fantasy / space operas / romance / action-adventure / horror / mystery / well-written genre literature. With only two issues released, writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples have managed to build a more richly realized world of magic and science fiction unlike anything seen in any one comic book, film, or work of literature. It borrows elements from a wide variety of preeminent source materials, from Shakespeare to Star Wars. Even while recognizing the many influences, Saga is easily distinguished as a unique work despite being in the very early stages of its hopefully long serial lifespan. It is tragically romantic, engaging, and often humorous. If you have yet to be sold on picking up the first issue by myself, your local comic shop, or your nagging curiosity, I don't know why you even read comic books. Your future self will be embarrassed by your past reluctance to pick up this series. If on the other hand, you have succumb to reason and overwhelmingly positive word of mouth, congratulations! You may yet benefit from this post. In the first and second issues of Saga, Image comics included a little survey for its readers. This is a clever way to begin the dialogue within the letters column and I thought I would undertake some of the leg work for fans of the series by posting the questionnaire here on the interewebs. Feel free to copy and paste the questions below, insert your answers, and shoot them over to Image comics at the address provided below; no e-mail was provided to which one may forward a response (someone in editorial must be nostalgic). I have seen some folks post their answers on tumblr sans the actual questions, so in advance, your welcome.

1) If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

2) And where are you from?

3) What are you reading these days?

4) Do you buy your funny books from your friendly neighborhood retailer, or from an online site like Comixology?

5) Important: who would win in a fight, the Hulk or Rorshach?

6) If a member of the Saga creative team were on the run from authorities, might he or she be able to crash your couch for a bit?

7) What is the worst recreational drug?

8) Why won't more people accept the fact that Haywire is Steven Soderbergh's very best film?

9) What is your second greatest regret in life? Giving up on those piano lessons?

10) Seriously, what is wrong with my eye?

11) What is the only truly excellent Mexican restaurant in New York City?

12) Ian Fleming once wrote that James Bond liked sex best when it had "the sweet tang of rape." Does this change the way you feel about the character and/or life on this planet?

13) If you had to permanently give up either chocolate or cheese (in each of their infinite varieties), which would ou choose?

14) When was the last time you watched a stage play, and what was it?

15) What do you think Image publisher Eric Stephenson's darkest secret really is?

16) Which of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is most assuraedly an athiest?

17) Have we dated?

18) Would your rather be trapped on the island from Lost with your mom or dad, and why?

19) When was the last time you were naked in front of someone in a nonsexual context?

20) Are you Banksy, and if so, can we do anything to help?

21) Who had a greater impact on your upbringing, your favorite librarian or your favorite coach?

22) What are you working on these days, anything creative?

23) Wait, why did you abandon it?

24) Relax, I'm sure it's great. Listen, why not put down this comic and do a little work on your thing RIGHT NOW?

25) Cool, but before you do, if you were to be reincarnated as an inanimate object, what would it be?

Fill out survey and forward to:

Special Agent Baldpatch
4335 Van Nuys Blvd Suite 332
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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