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What comic books and candy have in common (more than you'd think)

Comic books have got a lot of competition these days. Many things compete for my (little) expendable income: going to the movies, going to the arcade, photography supplies, yummy burgers. None of these things are necessities in life. Entertainment is a luxury, something I must constantly remind myself in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. I currently work two (very personally rewarding) part time jobs, and still don't work full time. Yet I spend hundreds of dollars a year buying comic books, bags and boards, short boxes, long boxes, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, toys, and other clever tie-ins, such as Batarang shaped belt buckles. If any of you fat cat CEO's of various comic book companies are reading this, don't get too excited; I'm not your blindly loyal customer, no sir. This is a passion of the highest of priorities; but it is not a necessity. And I intend to keep it that way. I'm relatively new to the comic book fan base. I've been reading comics o