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Challengers Comics, Rogues Gallery Opening: Eduardo Risso

Over at my photography site I've posted pictures from the Rogues Gallery's most recent opening for artist Eduardo Risso . The exhibit will remain on display through this week into next, then it will come down shortly before September 9th when Challengers welcomes Wizard of Oz artist Skottie Young . Stop in and see Risso's work for yourself while you can! Among others, there are pages from 100 Bullets as well as Flashpoint mini Batman: Knight of Vengeance , Risso's most recent collaboration with Brian Azzarello . Did I mention these pages are always on sale for prospective art collectors? If you have yet to visit the Rogues Gallery for an opening, these images may entice you to stop by in the near future; fun, free events where you get to view comic book art and meet top creators in the industry. What more could you want? Above, cover artist Dave Johnson curiously looks at the camera. ( See more over at my photography site! )

Vertigo to End House of Mystery, Scalped

Talk of DC's relaunch and the "New 52" have continuously dominated mainstream comic news cycles, whether it be about the various changes made to characters origins and designs, to rumblings about the lack of female creators . Lost amongst the shuffle were the recent announcements concerning the end of two of Vertigo's best titles, House of Mystery and Scalped . During San Diego Comic Con last month, it was announced that Jason Aaron and R. M. Guera plan to end their long running series with the 60th issue. For those that read it in trade, that's only 7 issues left. Aaron was not available at the show to comment, but has since confirmed on his blog that this was not an editorial decision but has always been the plan. The book has never been a big seller in individual issue form, though I count myself among its enthusiastic fan base. It is a series that I recommend on a near weekly basis for fans of crime / noir comics.  Fan enthusiasm for House of Mystery nev

Odyssey X, Week 6: X-Men Schism #3, X-Factor #224, Generation Hope #10, Uncanny X-Men #542

(For those joining late, please see the introductory post on Odyssey X, where I explain my attempt to read every X-Men title during X-Men: Schism. This week's post is still on its way as I am perpetually one week behind.) X-Men Schism #3 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Daniel Acuna Cover Price: $3.99 While issue #2 felt like a detour from an otherwise superbly presented mini, Schism #3 gets us back to the tight storytelling and well-placed humor Aaron delivered in the first issue. The bulk of the issue takes the X-Men off of Utopia (wow, just typed that out as " Genosha "; no wonder Utopia feels dull and overly familiar) to the opening of the Mutant History Museum in San Francisco. It's interesting to see well known and new characters alike reflect on their shared heritage, and it also reveals how Aaron is constructing this story to define a new chapter in that short history. Once all hell breaks loose (courtesy of the new Hellfire Club), the X-Men find themsel

Odyssey X, Week 5: X-Men #15.1, X-Men Legacy #253, New Mutants #23, Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #2 (Bonus Book)

(Catch up on earlier posts and read the introduction to Odyssey X where I explain my attempt to read every X-Men title during X-Men: Schism)   X-Men #15.1 Writer: Victor Gischler Artist: Will Conrad Cover Price: $2.99 Marvel's recent attempt to make books "new reader friendly" has revolved around a series of "Point 1" issues. Usually self contained, they are meant to convey the feel of a title and introduce the characters and their unique struggles. With that in mind, X-Men 15.1 was a great Ghost Rider / New Mutants point 1 book! I kid, it wasn't actually great, but it really didn't have much to do with what I know of X-Men. Not only are the writer and artist different from the last issue, but the main characters featured here are an amalgam of Uncanny and New Mutant regulars - oh and Ghost Rider. The story itself centers around a demon-posessed Native American. The perfect job for Ghost Rider! Wait, who called the X-Men? Their presence is rende

Odyssey X, Week 4: X-23 #13 , X-Factor #223

(These reviews are part of an ongoing series. Please see the introductory post on Odyssey X where I explain my attempt to read every X-Men title during X-Men: Schism) X-23 #13 Writer: Marjorie Lui Artist: Phil Noto Cover Price: $2.99 After having read every other x-book out there, X-23 stands out amongst the bunch as one of the few worth reading. While many X-Men titles struggle to find a distinct voice, X-23 knows what it is, and that's the story off a girl trying to become her own person after circumstance and evil men have tried again and again to create and control her fate. What's best is that there aren't any overused characters looking over her shoulder along the way. Not one cameo from Wolverine, Emma, or  Cyclops. Gambit is the closest this book has to an older mentor but he seems to be led as much by X-23 as she is by him. There are moments when X-23 reminds me of the Terminator of T-2; understanding normal human emotional behavior is her greatest challen

Odyssey X, Week 3: X-Men Schism #2, X-Men Legacy #252, Astonishing X-Men #40, Uncanny X-Force #12, New Mutants #28, Bonus Book Generation Hope #9

(For those joining late, please see the introductory post on Odyssey X , where I explain my attempt to read every X-Men title during X-Men: Schism) X-Men Schism #2 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Frank Cho Cover Price: $3.99 Perhaps expectations were high after such a satisfying first issue, but Schism #2 felt like a letdown.  This issue is cheaper and shorter than the first and unfortunately, those extra pages are missed in the storytelling. The exciting revelations in issue one are expanded upon, but often the action is happening off the page. The character interactions that made the first issue emotionally engaging are now shorter, and at times repetitious (it's becoming pretty obvious who the young X-Men will end up following since they've had little or no time with Scott). After wreaking havoc at an international delegation, Quentin Quire returns seeking asylum from the world leaders and super-heroes attempting to apprehend him. His return appears only as another way