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Nerds in the Kitchen: Making Lucy Knisley's Chai Tea

Chicago winters are a very resilient disease. All of the symptoms disappear and then BAM; you have an outbreak of blustery wind and freezing rain. It is nice to have more excuses to stay inside and read comics on a Friday night, and also make chai tea from a recipe found in a graphic novel. That narrows down the list of books right away, but in this case the recipe is from fellow Chi-town resident Lucy Knisley's collection Make Yourself Happy . If you aren't familiar with this up and coming writer / artist, you can check out her webcomic series titled Stop Paying Attention . She also contributed to Marvel's recent Girl Comics anthology (her story is in the first issue and features an adorable Doc Oc). I first became familiar with Knisley's work when she chronicled her attempt at a cleansing diet in "The Fast" which was linked on BoingBoing , and it's also collected in Make Yourself Happy. Her numerous nerdy references and self-deprecating humor make her