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2012 Geek Gift Guide: Star Wars Edition

Disney's recent acquisition of Lucasfilm has given Star Wars fans a new hope - could a new trilogy of sequels erase the bad taste left in our collective mouths by the much lauded prequels? That exciting possibility has also rekindled fans' love of the original series. Ironic that George Lucas financially divorcing himself from the series has made it socially acceptable once again to be a Star Wars fan, just in time for the holidays as well! Loving all things Jedi may have gone in and out of style over the past thirty years, but the merchandising machine never stopped making awesome Star Wars related items. These ARE the gifts your friends and family will be looking for this year: Black Milk Clothing: Star Wars Collection For the discerning Star Wars fan, the nerd couture clothing of Black Milk makes a perfect gift. Showing your love of Star Wars does not have to be limited to wearing tee's sold at big box stores! Choose from dresses, bathing suits, and legging

2012 Geek Gift Guide: Trekkie Edition

For this year's annual geek gift guide, we decided to make it even easier for our readers to find that perfect gift. Over the course of the next week, we will bring you guides specially catered to the different nerds in your life, whether they are Trekkies, Star Wars fans, or strictly comic book readers. See the perfect gift? Make it so by following the link! Star Trek Tee's from We Love Fine When it comes to custom licensed tee's, you won't find better options than We Love Fine's fan sourced designs. Open to professionals and amateurs alike, the t-shirt design contests that have been regular events at We Love Fine have resulted in unique and clever options for consumers. If you've ever lamented the lack of Uhura t-shirts, look no further! Several winning designs feature the communications officer. Another favorite winning design features all five captions as 8-bit characters in a fictional crossover game. Whether your Stark Trek loving friend is a