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Hopes and Fears for the DC Relaunch

Since news broke on June 2nd of DC's plans to relaunch their entire line of titles come September, it's clear that there won't be another comic book news story quite like this one for the rest of the year, and perhaps for years to come. Though countless speculation, opinions, rants, and other varied thoughts already exist on the internet concerning this huge announcement, I wouldn't be much of a comic book blogger if I didn't put in my two cents! If you don't follow comic news too closely and need more details, there is a great rundown of all of the title announcements here .   The Good -People are talking about the relaunch / comics in general. Before I get into any of the anticipated titles, it's exciting to see a story like this getting attention. Fans are discussing it in shops, non-comic book related websites are covering it , it's getting some genuine buzz. Whether this will bring anyone into shops off the streets is yet to be seen, but here&#

Chicago Comic Vault Stores Closing

Only a few short months after the opening of their downtown location in Block 37, both Chicago Comic Vault locations will be closing. The first to close will be the downtown store, then the uptown location. Effective this week, both have stopped ordering new merchandise. Until closing, everything in both stores is 35% off, with some items (like toys) at 50% off. My time with Comic Vault as an employee and customer has been short-lived. Owner Matt Sardo has stated personal reasons for the closing of the stores, and though I may be privy to more details than the average customer, I won’t go into details as those are irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Owning and maintaining a comic book store, or any small business, is a very time consuming stressful endeavor, and I don't think less of anyone who decides it is not for them. At the end of the day, business is not an altruistic endeavor; you can't be in it for anyone but yourself. But I do hope for the comic book community'