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What Mark Millar Doesn't Get

Could fill a lot more than one blog post as proven by  Millar's recent  tone-deaf comments concerning depictions of rape versus violence within his work . But two very different views of one comic in particular may shed a little light on what Millar and many more still don't get. A few years ago when I still worked full time at Graham Crackers Comics, a lot of our time was spent talking about comics. A shocking pastime for comic shop employees, I know. We talked about what we liked more often than what we didn't, though we would oblige any customer that asked for our honest opinion ( haunted vaginas and pentagram boob tassels - apparently there is a place in the world of comics for books like Tarot ). Healthy debates about the merits of comics and creators thrived. Was the work of Alan Moore still the benchmark to which we compared the best of the best superhero titles? Was the ending of Final Crisis satisfying for anyone? Are there really readers out there that hav

The Death of Blogging: Long Live The Hivemind

As of late, readers may have noticed our absence from the world of comic book blogging. But visits to our tumblr , facebook , or twitter pages will reveal a different narrative. I recently provided photography coverage at San Diego Comic Con for the Comics Beat , a leading comic book news website. Soon we will begin a regular monthly column focused on the world of comic book retail, Sell It Like It Is , for Woman Write About Comics . In other words, despite appearances here on the homefront, we're busier than ever blogging about comics. It is a little sad, but the one woman operation blogs have been on the decline for quite some time. I think I joined the comic blogging community right at the beginning of the end, when the growth of  one's audience still depended more on the content than the place it was posted. With the rise of more interactive and timely platforms like tumblr and twitter, comic book blogging is still content driven, but depending on the outlet, some sig