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Nerd Central

Folks, I found a comic book store in Tasmania. It’s called Nerd Central , and what an eye opener this visit was. Remember when I said comics were ridiculously expensive in Australia because of shipping costs? I thought readers in Melbourne had it bad! Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what the Tasmanian reader faces: 1 Pack of 100 Current Size Bags = $9.50 1 Dark Horse One-Shot Comic = $7.20 (Cover price $3.50 US) 1 King Bender Action Figure = $24.99 (That’s actually a really good price…) Even though comics are cheaper on the mainland of Australia, so is toilet paper. And video games ($65 for a USED copy of Mariokart DS? Thanks, but no thanks, EB Games). For that reason, I don’t think this store is overpricing their books. As for the toys being more affordable, I suspect they get them through a different distributor than the comics, which sadly cannot be ordered through anyone but the stateside monopoly of Diamond Distributions. It’s hard writing about this stor

Updates from the comic book desert....

My hefty stack of recent purchases from the US is quickly running low...and I've only been in Tasmania for two weeks. I think there is a direct correlation between how much I'm reading and being unemployed. Running out of comics means I'm also getting back into actual books (you know, comics without pictures?), specifically my Hugo / Nebula Award challenge. These are the anual awards given to works of science fiction each year. Some of my favorite authors have won this award including  Frank Herbert  and  Joss Whedon (they have a Nebula award for screenplays, too). I made a challenge for myself to read every single book that has won the Hugo or the Nebula Awards. I decided to start with the 18 novels that have the prestigious honor of having won both titles. Here's what I've read thus far: Dune by Frank Herbert Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card The Left Hand of Darkness  Ursula K. LeGuin Harry Potter and the Go


Isn't he glorious ? More pictures (of people and other objects) to come soon....

New Favorite Book Alert

Before my departure from the states, I made one last visit to the comic book shop, bought my books on hold, and picked up a few extra comics to hold me over while I’m in Australia. I took a chance on a series that has flown under my radar for months. It’s not one that I’ve heard many people talking about, positive or negative. But boy am I glad this jumped out at me from the shelf, after months of walking by and thinking “meh, can’t be that good.” WRONG. Oh so wrong. I’m talking about Detective Comics . Yes, the same one that has been coming out for 60+ years. If you are reading any DC title right now, you’re well aware, the Caped Crusader = dead and gone. And how did the smartest man alive meet his end? A lightening bolt? Helicopter crash? Death by sloppy writing? If you read Final Crisis and got a clear picture of how he died, please enlighten me. What I did get was Superman holding the crispy remains of Batman at the end of Final Crisis 6, and the Flash and Green Lantern remem