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Reason #37 To Read Detective Comics

I know I endlessly plug this book, but the hardcover of Greg Rucka and JH Williams III's first six issues of Detective Comics was released today can now be pre-ordered for June 30 and I couldn't resist the chance to once again urge you to buy this book , especially since Jock (no I didn't forget his last name, it's just Jock) has taken over the art on this series. I'll give his artwork a chance, but sadly I feel that there is little hope it will live up to his predecessor's amazing work. If my constant gushing and this little flip through of the first Rucka / Williams issue doesn't convince you to finally read this series (I've met a few reluctant readers, I used to be one) then I'll stop the endless plugging. That is until the new Batwoman series starts up in June! Detective Comics #854 from Comic Book Candy on Vimeo . Batwoman: Elegy Hardcover Publisher: DC Writer: Greg Rucka Artist: JH Williams III If you like... Batman (obvio

Wait for it...

I can't offer you a drink, but I can assure you that more posts are coming. I have just gotten back from Australia, which means I have a boatload of new books to read (only 4 months worth ) so expect my frequency of updates to improve very soon!

From Comics to Source Material to Comics

As comics continue to converge with other artistic realms, my tastes in other media frequently has an influence my comic book purchases. I enjoy listening to Tori Amos , so I read Comic Book Tattoo , a compilation of stories inspired by her songs. The same applies in reverse; I liked Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men , so I finally broke down and watched Buffy (and loved it). One should take risks in order to discover new things, just as you shouldn’t base all purchasing decisions on Amazon’s “if you like this, you’d probably like this” suggestions. But I’m happy to say that reading comics has exposed me to a lot of new works, whether in films, novels, or music. Here are a handful of my cross-media discoveries:   Criminal (the comic) --- Hard Case Crime Novels Some time ago there was an article in the back of an issue of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip’s Criminal about Hard Case Crime, a new publisher that’s been re-releasing classic pulp novels, in addition to contemporary writers’ ta

Randon Panel: Part II

Girdle, don't fail me now! As seen in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 1

28 Reasons Why I could Care Less About Marvel’s Siege

I really don’t like to rag on stuff here. There are plenty of people that are doing a fine job of voicing their disappointment with the current Marvel offerings ; but upon randomly picking up the “Origins of Siege” freebie from my bi-monthly comic book store visit, I can’t help but feel the need to add to the mix my own bafflement of this book. I am pretty late coming on the “who cares?” train, seeing how issue two of this event book comes out next week, my only excuse being that I am in Tasmania and only hear about things when other people blog about them or, in this case, I get a freebie that is meant to get me excited enough to purchase the first issue. 1. Worst Freebie Ever The whole point of Marvel sending out these free preview books to retailers is to drum up a little excitement. This particular preview included “An All-New “Siege” Prologue” and a sneak preview of Siege #1 . I can’t even come up with a clever remark about how dull this was. Norman Osborne and Loki sit around

Comics + Music: Part II

I must confess I’m very proud of the mix I’ve put together for the graphic novel Blankets . An autobiographical novel by Craig Thompson , Blankets is a poignant tale of first love told from the author’s adult perspective. Thompson’s own experiences serve as a reminder to readers that identity has its roots in our early relationships, with siblings, with parents, with God, our first love; and that the heartbreak visited by children may never be fully understood or accepted, but informs the adults we become. Many of these songs remind me of my own formative years, and more than a few are tinged with the inevitable pain that comes with first love. A few tracks are taken from the characters’ subtlety suggested tastes (you can see Radiohead and Pixies poster in the background of Craig’s girlfriend’s room), while others are inspired by Thompson’s religious upbringings. Lastly, the winter setting of the novel, and the exploration of intimacy through sleep inspired some of the selections.