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Greg Rucka Leaves Batwoman, DC

In the relatively short lifespan of my blog, there has been one comic to which I’ve devoted the most entries. That comic has been Detective Comics featuring Batwoman . Upon discovering this book last year, I was truly inspired. This book reminded me of what comics are capable of accomplishing, particularly within the confines of a well-established super hero title. That a writer and artist could take an institution in its seventh decade and make it contemporary and engaging above other efforts is truly worth noting. I’ll tell you two reasons why I’m a little heartbroken by the news that Greg Rucka will be leaving DC comics, and thus the Batwoman character. One, he knows how to write strong women, and so very few writers have this ability. And two, despite the heaps of praise given to this book by myself and other rabid fans, it has yet to gain the amount of accolades it deserves. Maybe another year with this creative team working on a Batwoman title could have gained it a wider aud

‘Kick-Ass’ Underperforms; Various Puns Ensue

Writers covering the movie industry just love coming up with clever headlines like: “Kick-Ass? Not so much” “Kick-Ass opens can of weak sauce” “Box office fails to Kick-Ass” “Someone’s getting an ass-kick for Kick-Ass” “Kick-Ass fails to live up to hype, barely pummels” Okay I may have thrown in a few of those myself, but several are straight out of the headlines. It’s still a little early to deem this movie a failure, but coming in second barely squeaking into first place on opening weekend doesn’t fare well for the comic book adaptation, or fans of comic book films. If this were Vegas we’d all be taking bets on which comic book film adaptation fails big, resulting in the bubble burst of our current any-comic-gets-greenlit environment. So who’s going to be the Heaven’s Gate * of comic book movies? Here are just a few of the contenders! Iron-Man 2 Strengths: Sequel to hugely successful first film, original cast / creative team returns Weaknesses: So many tie-ins it makes you

Gem City Comic Con 2010

Yesterday I attended Dayton, Ohio's very own comic book convention, the Gem City Comic Con . A relatively new venture (this was its fifth year), I was happily surprised by the bustling crowds,  selection of retailers, and modest size of the artist alley. It was reassuring to see that the comic book community of Dayton is thriving. With more than a handful of stores within a 20 mile radius, Dayton is a place where comic book fans are not left without ample choice. Though not as large as the Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus, it was easy to appreciate, especially after spending time in Tasmania, Australia where there are exactly two stores - in the entire state . The events hosted at this one day convention made the event memorable, including a digital art in comics presentation by local artist Matt Zolman . It was amazing to see in action the technology made available to artists and how this fast-tracked approach to comic book creation will certainly be a "game changer". It made m