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Nerd Wedding

Hello everyone. I think we can get a little personal now since I am writing this post about getting married. Before heading to Chicago Comic Con (or previously Wizard World Chicago) on Saturday, August 21st, my husband and I boldly went where neither one of us have gone before. To make things nerdier, we held our Star Trek themed nuptials at Challengers Comics+Conversation where co-owner Pat Brower officiated the ceremony. We will be having a more traditional ceremony for our families in about a years time, but as far as custom made weddings are concerned, this could not have been more perfect for us. There was even a Borg cube cake! A special thanks to Pat for going above and beyond our requests; and to Michelle, Molly, Shelby and Dane for participating, especially Molly for making the delicious wedding day desserts. You can view images and video of the short ceremony below: The Vulcan taking photographs was my cousin, Veronica. I constructed both her's, mine, and my husband

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Dare I Say The Perfect Adaptation?

Perhaps for me to write an unbiased review, I should wait for this big stupid grin to leave my face. But I'm certain my love for this film won't diminish any time soon, might as well write it now while the film is still fresh in my mind. Firstly, this movie could not have come at a better time. I have been suffering from a disease shared by many movie goers and comic book fans alike called "adaptation fatigue" . I've encountered so many poor translations in recent memory, that I don't even bother seeing all of the comic-to-movie adaptations these days. The Losers , in my queue. Kick-Ass , waiting to be watched. Wolverine , yeah. I still haven't seen it. Even the movies that usually deliver the well-adapted goods have disappointed, such as the most recent Harry Potter film. (Any fan of the book who claims to have enjoyed The Half-Blood Prince movie is certifiably insane - it was awful.) Enough about those movies that I have been too lazy or uninterested to

Remember When X-Men Didn't Suck?

Yeah, me too. Preview of the upcoming X-Men / Vampire storyline Comparison of Ultimate Avengers 3 and current X-Men vampire themed stories A swell summary from Savage Critics of how the current x-book offerings are so very very awful In other less depressing news, here are some more details about the upcoming Batwoman series! Batwoman #0 will be hitting shelves in November as a bridge between the character's stint in Detective Comics and the upcoming solo series, scheduled for a February release. That's a book worth marking your calendar for, folks!