Nerd Wedding

Hello everyone.

I think we can get a little personal now since I am writing this post about getting married. Before heading to Chicago Comic Con (or previously Wizard World Chicago) on Saturday, August 21st, my husband and I boldly went where neither one of us have gone before. To make things nerdier, we held our Star Trek themed nuptials at Challengers Comics+Conversation where co-owner Pat Brower officiated the ceremony. We will be having a more traditional ceremony for our families in about a years time, but as far as custom made weddings are concerned, this could not have been more perfect for us. There was even a Borg cube cake! A special thanks to Pat for going above and beyond our requests; and to Michelle, Molly, Shelby and Dane for participating, especially Molly for making the delicious wedding day desserts. You can view images and video of the short ceremony below:

The Vulcan taking photographs was my cousin, Veronica. I constructed both her's, mine, and my husband's uniforms.The bridesmaids and best man purchased their own.
The away team before the ceremony (I was taking the photo)
Post ceremony glow
This vegan Borg cube cake has been assimilated!

Since I'm still living the transitory lifestyle, I have yet to get this whole blogging-on-a-regular-basis thing down. But after one year, I think I've had enough practice to start kicking things into high gear. And I'm married now, so you know, automatically more grown up. Expect more frequent updates!