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Comic Book foreign lands.

A few of you who read this may already know, but I am going to be leaving for Australia here in about 6 days (hence the awesome Australian noir illustration by Sean Phillips .) I have lived their before, and usually my journeys mean long periods of time without reading comics. I *love* my comics, but it's just so darn hard to buy them abroad when I know my comic shop stateside will be holding them for me, with my club member discount waiting, too. Because of the exchange rate (the US dollar is still barely more than the Australian) and the fuel tax on top of the cost of the comics for having them shipped overseas, comic books are a high priced import for the Aussies. Gotta respect the collectors down under. However, I've been planning. I have a  stack of trade paperbacks for my stay abroad. It's embarrassing how many series I haven't read in my years as a comic book reader. We all have those big gaping holes in our collections. Here is what I've got on the menu:

Comic Book *eye* Candy Part I

Aww yeah, this ones for the ladies (and boys that have man crushes on their favorite comic book characters). This is a little segment I like to call "Comic Book *eye* Candy, or Comic Book Studmeisters". I think it pretty much speaks for itself. Comic book characters that rock my world. Part sex appeal, respect, and of course, features chiseled in ink, these are the men that keep women (and men) wanting more. They keep you reading even if their series becomes less than impressive. How many of you read those Emma Frost minis for the stellar writing? I didn't think so. And you know, I'll throw in the occasional female version of this segment for the male readers, not least of which because *I* have a few girl crushes (helloooo any female characters Gene Ha! gets his hands on). This of course is in no particular order. Jesse Custer Series: Preacher Publisher: DC / Vertigo If you like: Johnny Depp, James Dean, Buckaroo Banzai, other brooding pretty boys I don'

Random Panel: Part I

And now for a dose of out of context amusement: Intrigued? Check out issue #1 of Marvel's new mini series, Strange Tales . Enjoy!