2012 Geek Gift Guide: Trekkie Edition

For this year's annual geek gift guide, we decided to make it even easier for our readers to find that perfect gift. Over the course of the next week, we will bring you guides specially catered to the different nerds in your life, whether they are Trekkies, Star Wars fans, or strictly comic book readers. See the perfect gift? Make it so by following the link!

When it comes to custom licensed tee's, you won't find better options than We Love Fine's fan sourced designs. Open to professionals and amateurs alike, the t-shirt design contests that have been regular events at We Love Fine have resulted in unique and clever options for consumers. If you've ever lamented the lack of Uhura t-shirts, look no further! Several winning designs feature the communications officer. Another favorite winning design features all five captions as 8-bit characters in a fictional crossover game. Whether your Stark Trek loving friend is a man or woman, every design at We Love Fine comes in both men and women's sizes.

Hands down, this has to be the most honorable way to open one's letters. Perfect for fans of Next Generation and Deep Space 9's resident klingon, Worf.

You will find a special place in the Trek fan's heart when you purchase the TNG Blu Ray box set(s) for them this year. Season 2 is officially released on December 4th, so unless they pre-ordered, there's a good chance it will be a surprise for them to find it underneath their Christmas tree.

With a large influx of copy-cat crafters and resellers of mass produced items, it is harder than ever to navigate Etsy if one is looking for truly unique handcrafted items. A search for Star Trek yields several hundred pages of results, and you'll still find several items that aren't related to the franchise in the slightest. We've done some of the legwork for you by picking out a few of the standout  handmade items, including this Star Trek Enterprise print skirt. The seller also offers other nerdy prints, such as a Buffy skirt and NES remote skirt.


This is for fans of the original series, particularly the fourth feature film The Voyage Home (aka, the whale movie). The cast of Star Trek finds themselves traveling back in time to 1980's San Francisco, and Scotty has a rather embarrassing but memorable interaction with an early computer as depicted on this mug. Great for your friend that works in IT!

This etsy seller has been making these unique, delicious looking cookies for a while but I have yet to order these Star Trek baked goods. That will have to change in the near future. If you have several friends to buy for, you could even order a batch and divvy them out amongst several lucky recipients. Seeing Spock's hand greeting one from a stocking would be prosperous, indeed!


'Nuff Said. 

Voyager's Neelix may be on the cover, but this collection of Star Trek themed recipes spans all of the various Star Trek's. Finally, you can give your friend the chance to make Klingon Gagh at their next dinner party!

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