Awesome Two Page Spreads - Part II

This Wednesday is shaping up to be quite an impressive day for comics! In addition to Superman: Secret Origin making its debut (see previous post), we have a book making its explosive conclusion: Wolverine: Old Man Logan. Not everyone is a regular comic book shop visitor, so I'll give you a little recap. Set 50 years into the future, the bad guys have won, and all superheroes in the Marvel Universe have fallen. Enter a broken down farmer and family man who would hardly be recognized as the once killing machine Wolverine. The story hints at something having gone horribly wrong in Logan's past, something that has made him vow to never pop his adamantium claws again. Many of the villains in this story are descendants of past powerhouses, such as the "Hulk gang", inbred relatives of the Hulk who hound Logan's family for rent on their small farm. Though some of the issues are a quick read, and you may easily guess where this story leads (a once killer turned pacifist? yeah, that's gonna last), this story is nothing less than a totally awesome ass-kicking alternate future read. Anyone who has been following it issue to issue will no doubt agree it has been worth the long wait (some issues have been up to three months late). For those of you who have missed out on this awesome series, worry not. The trade paperback will be coming out soon (in the next month or two).

Back to the original reason for this post: awesome two page spreads! The latest issue of this series, Wolverine 72, delivered the goods, and gave us what we've been waiting for. And it came in the form of a roundhouse kick to the face two page spread. Here it is below (SPOILERS in video!!!)

Wolverine Issue 72 (Old Man Logan) from Comic Book Candy on Vimeo.

Also, a six page preview of Giant Size Old Man Logan. Enjoy!