Comics + Music = Gotham's Sexy Jam

Partly inspired by Bryan Lee O’Malley’s recommended playlists for Scott Pilgrim, and partly showcasing a habit that many comic book readers share, I’d like to offer some comic book mix CD’s. This is a…risky venture. Musical tastes vary so widely, what I may find suitable listening for a book may in fact be offensive to other reader’s ears. I’m willing to take that risk, in the name of sharing passions, which is my reason for writing this blog in the first place!

If the title didn't already give it away, the first book to get the suggested listening is...Detective Comics!

I first got the idea to make this playlist when reading Detective on an airplane. Listening to my ipod on random, a song came on that was so insanely fitting, I made a mental note to share it with the eight of you who occasional read this blog. This playlist is specifically inspired by issues 854-857, the Elegy storyline featuring Batwoman fighting against the Wonderland inspired villain-ess Alice. Unlike a film score or soundtrack, these songs aren’t really organized to fit specific moments in the issues. It’s more for background listening, something to enhance the ambiance during your reading experience. Although some lyrics are quite fitting for the character, the content of the songs is not meant to be specific to the story. There are a lot of female vocalists, which is mostly a coincidence. Almost all of the songs could be described as sensual, and more than a few are melancholy. It’s a lot of music I listened to in high school. I call it “Gotham’s Sexy Jam”.

Cocteau Twins
Song: Serpentskirt
Album: Milk & Kisses

Song: Glory Box
Album: Dummy

The Smiths
Song: Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me
Album: Singles

Song: Enjoy
Album: Post

Massive Attack
Song: Angel
Album: Mezzanine

DJ Shadow
Song: Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
Album: Endtroducing…

Song: Run
Album: Talkie Walkie

Blonde Redhead
Song: The Messenger
Album: Misery Is A Butterfly

Joy Division
Song: The Only Mistake
Album: Stills

The Cure
Song: Disintegration
Album: Disintegration

If you are less than familiar with these artists or songs, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to mail you a copy of this CD, but be warned, postage from Australia may run you $3. I promise to at least broaden your musical horizons, if not enhance your reading experience. Enjoy!

(Batwoman truly despises the "cut in")