Audience Participation – Holiday Variant Edition

My efforts to bring you more posts this month are being foiled by the desire to enjoy my recent Christmas and birthday gifts. What better way to yield to these opposing forces than by combining them? Here’s a little snapshot of the nerdiest gifts I received this holiday season:

Angel: The Complete Series
Having recently begun my new obsession with everything Buffy related, my boyfriend got me the perfect gift – Angel: The Complete Series. Since Angel season 1 starts at the beginning of Buffy season 4 (where we are conveniently up to in Buffy) it’s been great watching the series side by side, as they were originally aired. The crossover action has made this Christmas present the best and most timely gift.

Buffy “Feature Length” Episode VHS’s
Who else got videos for Christmas…and was happy about it? Technically this was a birthday gift (my 20-something birthday was a few days ago). Check out that sweet videocassette design! Not only was this great because it’s Buffy, but it includes some classic episodes, including the pilot (in all of its mid-90’s glory) and Innocence, the memorable episode where Buffy and Angel’s relationship goes from ill-advised to downright tragic.

Buffy: The Quotable Slayer
Another birthday gift, this is exactly what it sounds like. A collection of the most memorable lines from Buffy, owning this makes me feel like an even bigger nerd than before (I’ll have to start watching Stargate or Babylon 5 to get to that next level of social awkwardness). I haven’t really gotten a chance to read it thoroughly, as it covers all 7 seasons of Buffy, so there are definitely spoilers in this book. Also, kudos to my Australian friends for having found this book AND the Buffy VHS’s in the same thrift store.

New Super Mario Brothers for Wii (Not Pictured)
Technically this was not a birthday or Christmas gift for me; rather, I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas. However, I have been getting plenty of enjoyment out of it whenever he takes a break. Anyone who sold back their Wii’s to buy new Playstation 3 games (you know who you are), you really don’t know what you’re missing. It’s possibly the best (and one of the hardest) Mario games to come out since Super Mario World for Super Nintendo. It’s insanely fun to watch other people play, unlike Call of Duty 4. No one wants to watch you play that game! So stop breaking it out in the middle of parties.

Here comes the audience participation part: what nerdy gifts did you receive this holiday season? If you send me a picture of you enjoying your favorite gift I will even add it to this post.