Halloween Costumes On The Cheap Part II


Unless you run in knowledgeably nerdy circles, this costume probably won’t be easily recognized. Random strangers on the street may recognize the name Constantine but they will be confused when they see you don’t look / act like the Keanu Reeves catastrophe. But for the H-Blazer fans that see you on Halloween, this obscure costume is sure to leave a lasting impression. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A tan trench coat
  • Black pants and suit jacket
  • Black thin tie
  • Pack of cigarettes
  • A cross
  • A small bible
  • Vial of holy water (a clear hotel size shampoo bottle filled with water marked “holy water” will work great)
  • Carefully disheveled hair
  • British accent

This costume is all about attitude. No gimmicks, no “ah-ha” moments upon viewing. You simply have to be the character. With the necessary props and a reluctantly badass attitude, once they realize who you are, comic book fans in the know will love you forever. If you have an equally nerdy pal willing to go along with it, have him dress up as a cabbie and be Chaz for the night.

*This posts is a continuation of entries on cheap comic book themed Halloween costumes. See our previous post for the Superman / Clark Kent costume!