Halloween Costumes On The Cheap

Not willing to splurge on the $100 Batsuit with utility belt? Want to avoid the embarrassment of going to a party dressed in the same Joker costume as your co-worker? Or are you simply too broke to go for a store bought costume? There are plenty of comic book character costumes you can make from items in your own closet. Keep checking back as I will continue posting ideas until the holiday weekend arrives!

Clark Kent

It may not be as fun to dress up as Superman’s alter ego, but you’ll certainly get more props for creativity. And let’s be honest, most of us can pull off Clark more easily than Kal-el. Here’s what you’ll need: 
  • Jacket and dress pants
  • A button up dress shirt
  • Red or blue tie you won’t mind parting ways with
  • Some bendable wire, or a thin wire hanger
  • Black rimmed glasses
  • Superman logo t-shirt
  • Two safety pins

Most of these items are pretty self-explanatory (glasses, suit) but what makes this an awesome costume is that everyone will know it’s Superman, but you won’t have to wear a cape and blue tights. Put the superman t-shirt on beneath your suit and dress shirt. Leave the top four or five buttons on your shirt unbuttoned, pulling the middle out towards your armpits. Gather the edges and pin these parts down or, if you have yet to guess where this is going, pin it where you would be pulling open your shirt to reveal Supe’s costume. Lastly, the tie! This will really complete the costume. Tie it around your neck, loosely. You want it to be around your collar, but not too tight, as it should be comfortable. Make a small cut one-inch from the bottom of each end of your tie, preferably at the back where it will be hidden. After straightening out your thin bendable wire, cute it in half. Push each of the wires through the small holes until they reach the knot. Cut the wire where it will touch the end of your tie then tuck it into the hole, bending the wire if necessary. This will now make it possible for you to bend the wire, and the tie along with it, to create a “blowing in the wind” effect. Voila! You have one epic costume on your hands. 

Another tip, this works just as well for a Supergirl costume. I did this a few years ago as inspired by the fantastic Adam Hughes Supergirl mini-bust from the Women of DC series of statuettes.

The most expensive part of this costume? The wig rental at $20