Halloween Costumes On The Cheap - Part IV

Scott Pilgrim / Ramona Flowers

These costumes require a little more DIY action, but from the number of Scott / Ramona’s I saw at the recent Chicago Comic Con, it’s a pretty easy costume to make. If you plan to wear it this weekend, better set aside an evening to make a trip to your local thrift and drug stores. Instructions for both costumes are after the jump!

For Scott:
  • A Smashing Pumpkins / Zelda / Sonic t-shirt (or if you lack one of these, a plain t-shirt and sharpie will get you there)
  • Jeans 
  • Standard Addidas shoes with stripes (any similar casual sneakers will do)
  • 2 wrist sweat bands
  • Heavy parka with fur lined hood, or jacket; preferably with a homemade Mutant Academy patch on sleeve (parka is optional depending on the weather)
  • Sword or bass guitar, both easily made from cardboard

For Ramona:
  • Hair of a distinctive color (wig or real – and there are plenty of cheap alternatives like spray cans of hair color)
  • Colorful tights
  • Heavy ass-kicking boots (or roller blades if you want to wear them all night)
  • Shorts, tight t-shirt, and hip looking jacket
  • Purse / bag with Star on it (it is round in the comic, and I even saw a few handmade ones like a hat box with a strap attached to it).
  • Goggles to wear on head (optional)
  • Studded belt
  • Giant hammer if you really want to go all out!

Fans of the series will instantly recognize these costumes, especially if you and a significant other decide to go as a pair. It would also be easy enough to go as a group with extra characters, like an Envy Adams, Knives, Kim, or any of the 7 Evil Exes. Friends in need of last minute costumes can come along dressed as Sex Bob-Bomb fans by making homemade t-shirts and fawning over Scott all night.

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