Halloween Costumes On The Cheap - Part III


It’s tough thinking of easy costumes for the ladies. There aren’t a lot of iconic alter ego costumes, and as much as I love Alias, Jessica Jones is obscure, even for comics. If you are a Neil Gaiman fan, there is a 78% chance that you already own a Death costume. Those of us who didn’t go through a Goth phase during high school can still easily come up with the necessary items:
  • All. Black. Clothes
  • Fishnets in some form will help, leggings, sleeves, shirt
  • Heavy black eye make up / lips
  • Black chipped nail polish
  • Messy dark hair (I think making it look like The Cure’s Robert Smith is best)
  • An ankh symbol necklace

The ankh charm may be the only thing you’ll have to hunt down, but I think even cutting the shape out of cardboard and painting it black will do just fine. Being pale will also help you with this costume, but with that many black accessories, short of being Jersey-Shore orange you will look the part. People who aren’t familiar with the Sandman comics will have little reason to question your costume since you will look more than appropriate for the occasion. See below for a look at one cos-player's take on Death!

Sandman - Death by *Rossassen on deviantART

*This post is a continuation of entries on cheap comic book themed Halloween costumes. See our previous posts for the Superman / Clark Kent costume and Hellbazer!