Halloween Costumes On The Cheap - Part VII

Peter Parker / Jimmy Olsen

These two are together since they require a lot of the same items. Both are photographers for major newspapers (albeit in different universes), and both are fans of sweater vests. Here’s what you’ll need for either costume:

  • A camera; doesn’t have to work, but an older 35mm one with a neck strap will look best
  • Khakis 
  • White shirt tucked in, with sleeves rolled up to the elbows
  • Sweater vest
  • For Jimmy Olsen, a bowtie; for Peter Parker a regular tie or none
  • Press pass with newspaper and character name on it (I found a sample of one made for Parker's Daily Bugle)
  • Manila folder containing photos (for Jimmy, blurry shots of Supes flying through the sky, Peter will have better pics of Spidey)

These costumes are so simple yet accurate, I’m disappointed there aren’t more of them at Halloween or at the cons. All of the details add up and even people who are vaguely familiar with the characters will enjoy your costume.

That's all folks, if you don't have a costume yet, you are probably planning on staying in or you are rocking your store bought costume. Either way, now you have a head start on next year for awesomely nerdy costumes!